Teach your Team to Stay Safe with Three Simple Tips from cisa.gov. πŸ”’πŸ’‘

1. Recognize 🚫🧐 Look for these common signs: Urgent or emotionally appealing language, especially messages that claim dire consequences for not responding immediately. Requests to send personal and financial information. Untrusted shortened URLs. Incorrect email addresses or links, like amazan.com A common sign used to be poor grammar or misspellings although in the era of artificial intelligence (AI) some emails … Read More


What an incredible night it was celebrating with friends and colleagues at the Intelisys #ChannelConnect2023 Florida Fest Welcome Party! 🌴πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰ πŸ“Έ Pictured: 1) Mark Vahey, Mark Crews, and Brian Kulich of Broadvoice 2) Mark Crews with the flamingos! 🦩 A heartfelt thanks to IntelisysΒ for bringing us all together to discuss exciting industry trends. Here’s to the future of tech and … Read More

Multi-Factor Authentication is the smart choice for safeguarding your digital life

Strengthen your defenses and fortify your online presence! Setting up MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is the smart choice for safeguarding your digital life. It’s an extra security measure provided on financial, social media, email, and other accounts that require a password. 1. Login to the account: Whether it’s your email, social media, or any other online platform, head to your account … Read More

Every 39 seconds there’s a new cyber attack targeting businesses… IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK.

Spencer Taylor, Co-owner of Trust Technology Consultants, attended the #HackersSuck Cybersecurity Summit hosted by Telesystem at the ATT Stadium in Dallas, TX. The Theme was #HackersSuck : Every 39 seconds there’s a new cyber attack targeting businesses… IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK. The content is focused on the importance of utilizing #2FactorAuthentication and building #CybersecurityTrust across your organization through Employee … Read More

Celebrating 3 Years in Business!

Today, we thank our valued clients for partnering with us for the past three years as Trust Technology Consultants and for the preceding two decades as Allegiance. We’re eagerly anticipating many more years of serving as your as TRUSTed advisors. Our mission in serving our clients remains the same: to help you navigate the constantly evolving technology and communications environment … Read More

Is your team struggling with dropped calls, choppy meeting quality, or being overwhelmed by the number of digital tools needed to communicate?

Businesses can’t function well with low-performance communication tools. Since most workplaces are hybrid environments, the cloud is the best platform for communication. Unified Communications is the answer – also known as UCaaS. if you’re ready to talk about empowering your team to connect, collaborate, and serve customers better than ever, let’s talk! #TrustTechnologyConsultants #UCaaS #unifiedcommunications #cloudcommunications

Happy Anniversary Mark!

Please join us in celebrating Mark Crews for his four years of dedicated business development services for Allegiance (2019-2020) and Trust (2021-2023)! Thank you, Mark Crews, for all you do to serve our customers and our team! Happy Anniversary! #TrustTechnologyConsultants

Industry of the Year Award Luncheon

Mark Crews, our Business Development Executive, was excited to attend the Shreveport Chamber J. Pat Beaird Industry of the Year Award Luncheon last week to join in celebrating the award recipient, Querbes and Nelson Insurance, who also happens to be our customer! You can learn more about the firm here: https://qnins.com/ The luncheon keynote speaker was Col. Gregory D. Gadson … Read More