Introducing the Dogs of Trust Technology Consultants!

🐶Belle Slaughter 🐶Harley Slaughter 🐶Lola Crews 🐶Paisley Crews 🐶Lola and Paisley Crews Happy National Dog Day from all of us at Trust TechnologyConsultants! #FridayFun #DogDay #thedogsofTRUST #TrustTechnologyConsultants

Who is providing your IP?

As a business owner or stakeholder, seamless high network availability is important to you. Watch this fun video to learn more from Mack on this important topic! Video Creds: Emilio Tirado and BigLeaf Networks #TrustTechnologyConsultants #BigLeaf #internetredundancy #businesscontinuity #failoverinternet #5GInternet #fiberinternet  

Happy Friday!

Today we are featuring Brandon Rose, our Project Manager, who was recently recognized for his Home-Brewed Mead! Brandon’s Dark Chocolate Cherry Mead was selected among many as the crowd favorite at Flying Heart Brewing & Pub’s Beer & Wine Festival! Congrats to Brandon! If you don’t know much about Mead, it’s the oldest alcohol on record and was said to … Read More

Mondays with Mack

Mack: Good day, everyone. Today, we have an extraordinary guest joining us, the renowned inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell. Mr. Bell, thank you so much for being here. Bell: Thank you for having me, Mack. It’s a pleasure to be here to discuss the exciting advancements in communication technology. Mack: Now, let’s delve into a moment that changed … Read More

Wrap-around dome and sound system at Sci-Port is phenomenal

I was excited to see Oppenheimer this weekend at Sci-Port Discovery Center’s newly renovated IMAX dome. It was the first feature-length film showing, and it sold out! The viewing experience was unreal and gave a truly immersive experience with the wrap-around dome and sound system. I want more people in our community to be aware of this opportunity now that … Read More

When you internet speed is driving you crazy, who do you call?

Hi Friends, Let’s take a trip back to 2009 when a tech company in South Africa had a wild idea to challenge their internet service provider. You won’t believe what they did! They put their faith in a trusty carrier pigeon named Winston 🐦 to see if it could beat their provider’s sluggish internet speed. Guess what? Winston totally rocked … Read More

Have you tried Boba Tea?

I just did and had an awesome time, thanks to a fellow LED CEO RoundTable member, Lang Earb of Bestea in Shreveport and BobaXpress. Hearing about her passion for tea and commitment to using fresh, natural ingredients like tea leaves instead of powders was a joy. This sets her apart from similar businesses and holds additional health benefits for her customers. … Read More

Would you like SD-WAN with that?

Would you like SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) with that? If you’ve got UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) or are thinking of getting it, consider coupling it with SD-WAN! They are better together! With SD-WAN, you can configure your network to prioritize voice, video, and other mission-critical data packets over others to improve performance, add functionality such as … Read More

Legacy Systems Can be Complicated to Maintain

Good morning Friends, Last week, I spent a few minutes setting up some automation features on my email inbox to simplify my life. There are some notification emails that I don’t need until I need them! You know what I mean? If there’s a problem, I’ll need them, but if all is well, they can be filed away by automation. … Read More

Contact Center Lunch and Learn

Thanks to our guests for attending and our partners, Broadvoice and Windstream, for sharing their expertise on Contact Center technology yesterday at our Lunch and Learn! If you weren’t able to attend and would like information on this important new technology and how it can help you improve your customer experience across all channels, we’re here to offer a demo … Read More